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To The One Who Made Me Cry:

Do you know what pain you have caused?
I really don't think you do. I was just looking back at some past entries... thinking about how much I used to care for you, when all you did was hurt me.
I wish I would have listened... my friends and family all tried to warn me. But no, I defended you every way that I knew how. Don't ask me why. Because now I see that you weren't worth any of the stuff you put me through.
Not just me. My friends and family too. You hurt them all so much. I wish I could fix everything... it sucks to still look at yourself in the mirror everyday and say "Wow, I'm ugly" because it's all you have known for the past year.

I just thank God that it's over now.
Because now I have someone who thinks I'm beautiful all the time... even without makeup, even when my hair is messy, even when I'm in a t-shirt and jeans. He says it hurts him to hear me call myself ugly.
He loves me more than anything... whereas you loved anything more than me.

I'm done feeling bad and putting myself down because of you. I have decided that I like his opinion better. I love him so much... he means everything to me.

So do us all a favor, and throw yourself off a cliff. Kthanks.
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