mysweetsatine (mysweetsatine) wrote in _letterstoyou_,


Dear P___,
whatthefuckjust happned. i spill my heart to you about my depression and you being back memories from when we were together?! whathtehell. that really isnt helping me right now. were both bestfriends now, and were dating people who are best friends. we both agreed that even though were with each of them, that theyd be better suited for eachother. ive been crying since i signed off aim. i just want to be with you, but i know that cant happen right now. even if you told M_____ about how you wanted to break with with your girl, and be with me bc you still have feelings. what the fuck?! you said you hate the fact i hurt myself and that i have a low self eesteme and self image beaucse im your first love and youll always care. i dont know anymore.
i can not take this. i jsut want to die. i came so close last summer and you stopped me. i dont want someone to stop me this time
</3 fuck this all. </3Me.
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