burninginhell (burninginhell) wrote in _letterstoyou_,

daer mom,
Once again why do you think I'm lieing to you becuase I'm not. dad is in town and he talks to me which is why I knew what was in that letter. Have you thought that justin might not have told you that they were moving in together because he didn't want to hear you complain. Did you know that if you could teach, which isn't that hard, and use the degree you had in college you would be able to be in a bigger house and therefore wouldn't be complaining abut dad's former briar hill house. You know you've made a bunch of mistakes in your life that I don't ever want to make. You've caused me not to get married to an alcoholic person or to disown my own children. You've taught me to not force my children into sports because it won't make them happy. Mostly I've learned what I never want to be.

In an attempt to please you I've driven out of my way to stop by and say hello when I've been spending time at dad's simply because you complained david never did. To be honest half the time I'd rather not come by at all.

sincerely the reluctant daughter.

Dear guy I know,
if only you hadn't been wasted when we talked. And yet even when I know you probably won't remember it I couldn't tell you what I wish I could. oh well it's definately too late but the thought was kinda nice.

dear Chris,
whya re your christmas lights up and why haven't you called me back. I so wanted to hang out this summer and accomplish so many of the things on my list...I had you in mind for like four of them but perhaps that won't happen and I'll abandon my list here and jsut start the UA one.
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