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Random Thoughts

Dear School, Please be over! I am so sick of having to get up and go sit and be bored because you teachers have nothing planned. At the moment it's a waste of time. Grrr.....


Dear Sam, Sorry I didn't call you today. I just didn't feel like hanging out with you. All you ever do is complain and I am sick of it. Can't you try being happy around me? I mean, when your with Amanda your laughing and smililing. But when you talk to me your always mad and have nothing good to say. I hate it. I'm your best friend. But right now you feel so far away it's as if we are on two different planets. I'm sorry the whole baseball thing isn't working out for you. I can't help that. I go through it too. I have played longer than you, I know what the pressure and stress feels like. So don't talk to me like I have no clue. I am just so frustrated with you. I don't like telling other people about this because they would say it's normal. I know it is, but your just begining to become a little to much for me to handle. The attitude, the way you dress. I am so sorry, but somedays I'm embarrassed to be seen with you. I know you own a belt. Try putting it on and keeping your shorts up. I really don't get why you roll your shirts up over another shirt either. It looks so ridiculous. I am so glad to be going away next week. I'm gonna miss you, but I need this vacation. I am so sorry.



Dear Kim, Can't wait for next week! We are gonna have to much fun. Don't worry.


Dear Linda, Why are you acting so strange? Why are you telling Sarah things that you won't tell me? I thought we were friends. I told you everything and trusted you. I thought you trusted me to. But apparently not because you don't talk to me like you used to.


Dear Matt, One of these days we have to watch all those movies you talk about. And we can't forget to watch Killer Klowns From Outer Space. Sorry things with Bobbi didn't work out this year.


Dear Steve, I'm not stupid.


Dear Anybody, Am I a moron? Am I just wasting my time putting all these things in a community? What do you think? Most of the stuff is random and meaningless. Am I just completely pathetic and worthless?


Love, Emily (Sorry everything was so random, I'm bored.)


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