sets the darkness echoing (ziarre) wrote in _letterstoyou_,
sets the darkness echoing

1)Dear Mom,
I wish that I, your firstborn, had been the better-looking daughter and not the talented one so that you would have someone to show off, not contend with. Except I don't really wish that, I just wish you could be happy with me.

2)Dear Liam,
despite the fact that I don't like you that much, I am really, really sorry that you are going to be institutionalized.

3)Dear Paul,
despite that I love you as a brother, you are a selfish fuck sometimes.

4)Dear Kathleen,
Please don't hurt yourself with this eating disorder. I can't stand to have another friend go through that.

5)Dear Susie,
Thank you for being so understanding about Graham. I love you, even when I hate you.

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