blu_sky (blu_sky) wrote in _letterstoyou_,

dear you...

i love you.. a ton... more like a ton x infinity...
im getting scared of what im going to do next year.
you wont be a 15 minute car ride away. you'll be an hr and a half car ride away.
but i know that you'll always be a phone call away.
and thats something that comforts me.
just hearing your voice, i know im safe...
i love you ♥

♥ me....

''i hold the phone when i'm alone
i imagine that it rings then hold it to my ear
and wish that you were there to sing me off to sleep
be with me in my dreams for the days you will be gone
you'll be there in my dreams and in this song..."
--[mxpx] ♥ ♥
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