Dana (blind_view) wrote in _letterstoyou_,

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Person 1;

Just write your name across my forehead, because I'm just your property. I cried right next to you- did you even turn to see? My hip bruished against yours, you didn't even notice.

Not once did you turn to look at me.
Not once did you give a damn.
&& I guess that's just damn fine.


Person 2;

I didn't search the crowd for your face. I didn't attempt to start a conversation when you came to my table. To tell you the truth, I was annoyed when you started talking to me on the way to the bus.
You greeted me with the usual insult, instead of laughing and starting a conversation- I bitched you out. && I'm damn glad I did.

You wern't nice when I cared.
&& Now that you give a damn I won't be there.
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