retaking (retaking) wrote in _letterstoyou_,

Dear Matt,

I feel like taking a trip down memorie lane. But what if it hurts too much or I get so caught up I miss my train back to reality? No, that won't happen. You know I miss you and I know I miss you but I'm not ready to have you.

Do you remember the first time we met? I do. You kept talking to me like it had been forever that we'd known each other. I thought you were completley crazy but once the conversation ended I ran over to my friends to tell them how cute you were. I remember reciting this story to you over and over again. It never got old. Do you remember the phone conversations and every word we said? I do. the first phone call was so ackward, you didn't say a thing so I did all the talking. That's why I always thought you were shy. I remember sitting in my closet and you on your bed just talking. Oh man did we talk. Do you remeber actully having to discuss how to hug? I do. You were doing it wrong and I told you to change. You changed for me. Do you remember all the times we hung up by accident. I do. 1 for me and 3 for you. Remember when you tried to get in crazy positions and would hang up by accident and how I was always under the blankets. Do you remember my weird obsession with changing your name? I do. I wanted to change your name but you didn't want to change mine. "I love the name Kristine" you said. Or how I called you Matthew and I was the only one who could. Do you remember Mr.Frias? I do. When you had to stay home because you got suspended I was telling you everything about my day. What a crazy day I had. I remember you trying to calm me down because I was scared of getting suspended. I was such a jerk when he was watching us and I didn't want to you hold your hand incase he made fun of us. He wouldn't make fun of us, he's too cool. Do you remember all the planning we did? I do. We planned everything from the wedding to the kids and you picked the name Johnny for our son. But I hated that name and so did you so I started calling you Johnny. Do you remember music? I do. Konstantine. I love that song and you know it. When we broke up and you just knew I was listening to it, god that made me cry. Shine, how you memorized the lyrics and wrote them on your note to me. I still have every note. I like reading them and just smiling. I have every email too. We were so in love. It's funny how quickley I fell out of love or how you told me you didn't want to be mad at me for breaking your heart. I was never ment to be a comedian.

I love these memories.

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