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dear brittany,
so again i remember then time when i thought we were bestest friends. you were Brittany with dark red hair, freckles, and the birthday way before mine-jan 25 1988, that i wont ever forget it. i met you in second grade. when you moved where i was home. you moved from providence. to Myron J francis elementary school. we had miss. mortin. i wont ever forget that day. they day i met you! you drifted. ill always miss you. just as ill always miss my kara who i met in kindergarten. ill never forget that first day she came over when we walked home in the snow with my mom. we went home and hot hot chocolate and she had cool whip because she never ever did like fluff. anyways. you befriended holly. the girl i introduced you to. and then you met up with becky. and that was that. the end of our friendship.

and now a junior in high school and i still cant seem to keep a "best friend" for a while. i thought i did. i thought i had two. but it turned out "there was always somthing they hated about me"
britt? why do i want them back so badly? after how bad they've treated me? what cant i force these feelings away?
i miss you.
help me not need you like i think i need you
your beloved "cc"

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