.::*~DReamER~*::. (mooncows) wrote in _letterstoyou_,

dear mom:

why cant you trust me?
why are you so over protective?
why cant you let me go out with him?
i dont need to be in a car with him
to do what you're afraid of me doing with him.
i cant stand the way you only let me
get in his car when you need a favor done.
i hate the way you use him.
i hate the way you talk shit about him
all the time.


dear Robert:
I hate the way you push me away.
I hate the way you flirt with me.
I hate when you play hard to get.
I hate when you tell me you dont care.
I hate when you come and kiss me
when im about to hurt myself.
I hate how the pity kisses you give
me are better than the ones i give
you out of love.
I hate loving you.
I wish you cared more.
I wish i was your girl.
I dont like being your little slut.
You make me feel so dirty at times,
yet in seconds, you make me feel
pure and clean, and cared for.
I hate crying myself to sleep every
night because im not your girl.
Im being as patient as i can be.
Im waiting for you to be ready.
I dont care how many people i have
Why did i fall for you so soon?
Why cant i just tell you that
I love you?
Why cant i talk to you for 5 minutes
without getting mad?
Why cant i just tell you these things?


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