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Dear family,
I hate you. Very much. I didn't think that it was possible for a group of "grown" ass people to act more immature than kindergartners, but you've proven me wrong. What will you do dad when you don't have me to blame all of your problems on? You do know that I'm moving out in less than 3 months, right? Mom, I love the way do defend me when dad blames me for breaking something when he knows full well that a) it couldn't have been me seeing as I'm not CEO of SBC. b) if anyone broke it, it was probably the 23 yr. old bum that you let sponge off of you. And how could I forget the bitch. 23 and still a bitch. tsk tsk tsk. I get blamed for everthing in the house while you sit on your fat, jobless ass running up the bills, practically going out in search of viruses to put on the computer, play bass and thinking that makes you cool. I don't think you could be a bigger poser if you tried. First you're all rock sucks, white people are the enemy holding the black man down and all this other bullshit and now you think you're some rock expert. 'Look at me!!! I'm listening to Modest Mouse and SoundGarden!! Am I cool yet? Does anyone notice me?!?! Someone please accept me because I'm a freaking loser with no personality of my own. I'm such a loser. All I do is download porn and eat and suck at playing bass. boo hoo hoo.'
P.S. Moron, We practically shit those AOL free hours cds. Destroying a few will not stop me from installing it on the computer. Please just go die.

Dear Ms. Benn,
If you are the reason I don't graduate this year and I have to spend more than one minute more than anticipated with these fucking people, then I will come to your house and it will not be for tea and biscuits.

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