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To You:

It's hard for me to explain
I'm young; I know.
It's difficult, even for myself to understand
But I believe that I
Truly do
love you.

...I hope I still do the same for you...
Love Always,
Your Sunshine After A Storm

Dear Tan,
You suck. Big time. Don't you ever try to take him from me. Even as a joke. You know how I feel about him. Go find your own guy and stop trying to steal your friends'. You've already shattered our trust; my trust at least.. yet we're still trying to friend you back. Don't ruin your second chance
-Your "Best Friend"

I've written to you before. I just wanted to say, you suck. Big time. And you also lose.
We've pulled through, and we're gonna keep going on. You can't stop us.
Haha in your face,
mee :]
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