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"immortal pain" im new here :)

stabs in my heart, never to heal. pain so intense, it doesn't seem real.

putting bandages on wounds that will never scar. leaving a trail of blood that reaches out so far.

yearning for an answer that i'll never know. the remedy for love is coming way too slow.

your kisses burn, my lips sting with pain. it boils like a fire, and i pray for rain.

the tears dribble down and bruise my once rosey cheeks. and i can't help but think of him, he cut thees wounds too deep.

of my broken hear remains, just one piece in the sand. a very fond memory, of a foever lost man. a memory of a boy holding a girl so dear, holding her hand, pulling her near.

now reality hurts...

i know i can't have you...

and you have someone new.

get out my life, and my now fragile heart.

if you gave back the key to it, i would still change the lock.

you brought me pain that will never end.

you said that you loved me, you'd stay with me 'til the end.

but this is the end of that hurt everlasting, with murmurs so rude,
rumors so nasty.

so please leave me, never come near me again...
leave me with the only thing you've given me, my long time friend....

the only thing i recieved from you that was real...

wors so hurtful, pain i still feel.
stabs that won't heal and cuts that won't scar.

what you gave me wasn't love, it wasn't true at all.

said in one day, then gone with the rain
all you've cause me is...


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