anti-perfect;//-. (f1aw1ess) wrote in _letterstoyou_,

Dear Heartbreaker </3 You made me cry every night for a couple months. I thought you loved me but i was wrong. You made me smile and laugh even if it was just a little while. Maybe it wasn't good enough, but I gave you all I could. Maybe if i had given you a reason to stay, maybe if i was more than all i could be. Maybe just maybe you would be here still holding me tight but deep down i know i did nothing wrong. It was you who hurt me, it was you who turned my life upside down untill i finally snapped and broke down and cried. I loved you with all of my heart but apparently that wasn't enough. I guess this is goodbye to all ive ever known... this is goodbye to my faith and trust i had put in you. </3 Broken Hearted
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