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Dear Boy
Fuck you. I never thought I would have to say this... But I actually hate you with a passion. All though I still love you somewhere deep inside of me. I still feel a great amount of hate for you. You have put me through the worst ordeal. You made me fall in love with you. Then you dumped me, then to make it all better you confused me.. and now you hate me. Now I hate hearing songs that you showed me, I hate hearing people talk about you. I hate hearing any emo song because it will most likely remind me of you. I cant even hear the words "drop it like its hot" without thinking of that night i spent with you. I dont even think you understand how much you hurt me, but I dont even think you care. Just to let you know I'm trying my hardest everyday to get over you. I try my hardest to stop thinking of you all together.. but its not at all easy. I found a guy who I like as much as I liked you, but we'll see where that goes and how well that goes. Maybe he'll be the one to help me get over you completely! I think he actually might be, as a matter of fact.. I told him all about what you did to me, and how you hurt me so much and he understood completely. I deffinately think I'll be over you soon if I still with this boy.
Yours Truly,

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