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im new..

this is something i wrote and i wanted to give someone..but i cant do it..

im bleeding again
and all i can think about is you
im screaming out slient crys
and its my dream that you might hear
i keep thinking you will come to save me
tell me its okay
but i know you wont
its just wishful thinking
im my imaganation im running away
with dreams of you
in the hopelessness of it all
i still want you here
i just want you to be who tells me everythings okay
i wont believe the whipsers from any one else
i want you to be who takes my hand
and takes me away from all of this
get me out of this world
ive become so numb
and you see right through me like a window no one ever closed
wake me up and tell me whats real
save me
in falling into more of nothing
or a part of something that i dont understand
make me see
lead the way
because by myself, or with any one else im too afriad.
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