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i hope this is the last time, cause id never say no to you...

My, Romeo--

You do know me better than i know myself
No matter how much i  absolutelyhate saying it... it is the truth. Maybe im just predictable? I dont know.
Out of the 13 songs on that Cd, you ended up knowing the exact one i was going to play for you, even though you know we have like 3 other favorites on it. Idk, maybe i am predictable, or just retarded.
What is it that just pushes you away from me?

Your so called; Juliet.<3<3

Dear Myself
Keep your damn hands off of him for at least two seconds. Common.. just resist. Tell yourself you could do it. Maybe.. its easier said than done. Cross the line, or not to cross the line
Your oh so close... who the fuck knows what will happen
Well you know this, he likes to be in control. When he knows he isnt in control, it throws him off a bit.. kinda like the thing i did at homecomming.

Maybe ive almost got him all figured out
That bitch

What will make him.. really like you?
A simple question i almost always ask, huh?

Dont give up just yet... your palms are slipping, but you still have your fingers holding on
Wow. He just called you. Coinceadence?
Your getting oh so far. Closer&closer to that line. ;)

Your his Destiny. Psh. Hed kill for this...
((may not be true, but you know its still alwayss fun to say,))

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