Dressed in Poetry. (_____megan) wrote in _letterstoyou_,
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Im in love and you don't care.

Dear Me,
Its time to get over dan, and move on.
I promise you can do this. But you need to be strong, and not fall so fast.
you can do it.

Dear Emotional Being,
Should I stop myself before I fall to fast for this boy?
And possibly get my heart hurt?
Or should I stand tall, and be brave, to find out what the beautifuil outcome could be?
Please just show me, if he might like me.

Dear Lord,
Please let things work out with me and Curtis.
I actually want a boyfriend for once.

P.S This could be an extraordinary thing.
Get over Dan for good.
And have a real something with a boy.

I hope this all works out.
Before Christmas???
yeah. that would be nice.
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