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Man oh man

Sorry if my complaining annoys you... but....

Dont you hate it when people act depressed and then say they're "emo" when they just want attention. If you have a perfectly good reason to be that way, its totally acceptable. but i just cant take the drama. Im only 14, and some people say im young, but im way to mature for my age. Im tired of having no one to trust.I mean people are calling themselves emo when it would be impossible for them to ever be real emo. Some peole just dont get things. And when you try to talk about a problem with a friend instead of listining, then try to out do you with one they think is worse. No one has common courtesy in my town.I just want to move away and start over. Maybe not have as many friends, be self relient. It sounds like a good plan to me.

Dear ***,

Yes. If you havnt noticed you are very dear to my heart. Sure i go on dating other guys, but i always end up thinking about you. I always get bored, and you had to be the one person who keeps me interested. Its been a year now. But being around you just kills me. Everytime we talk i like you even more, and we tend to talk right when i think im completely over you. I wish you would just give me another chance. I dont know what i ever did to you. That night after the incedent you didnt say one word to me. not even goodbye. that broke me.

Well, thanks for acting like you cared.

well im done for right now...
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