cupcake♥ (sheslonely) wrote in _letterstoyou_,

dear Mr..

Dear Mr.Heartbreaker.

My heart has a big hole in it,all because of you.I was in a state of depression for almost a month because of your ass.But I woke up from it.I cant believe you lead me to think you cared.I cant believe I was so blind to see that you had 4 other girlfriends while you were dating me.I cant believe you lied to me,right infront of my face when I asked if you were cheating.I cant freakin believe I believed you.I was so in love with you that I didnt care what my friends said.I shouldve known you were this cold shallow guy that only thinks with his penis and hurts girls and doesnt even care because hes insecure.I hope you get emotionally torn just like I was.I hope you never find love.It pisses me off when I remember that phone call of you being upset thinking I would break your heart and all you wanted was someone to love you,and you ended up hurting me.I recently found out the girl you dated while you were dating me took you back,shes a loser and so are you.I hate those stupid little poems you wrote for me they were so cheesey but I didnt care I was blinded by love.I hate that you said stuff over and over like "you hold the key to my heart and I love you and always will" you made it seem like you never said it to probably forgot since you had 4 other girlfriends.You faked our relationship.I hate myself for loving you or ever meeting you.I hate that you dated one of my friends a few days after we broke up and thought it was okay.I shouldve known you better before jumping into that relationship.But let me tell you one thing Mr.Heartbreaker Im over you..and always will be..I thank you for making me more mature and stronger.I hope that any girl who meets you doesnt fall for your tricks and gets hurt like I was.I hope you're having a good life now...but you wont for long..something will get you back.But I will always regret loving you..

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