burninginhell (burninginhell) wrote in _letterstoyou_,

My sister

Dear Megan,
I can not stand you and it's not jsut some disagreement between sisters it's a life long misuderstanding. We were nebver meant to get along and we will not get along. I can not see us years from now figureing out when our families should go to the beach together, it will not happen. I CANNOT stand you, here's why:
*You try to out do me everytime
*You've screwed up and still you get everything
*I deserve for once to be the one who's in the spotlight
*you made my life a living hell
*mom and jud still fight over you
* we lost the briar hill house because of you
* i've waken to a you falling out of the bunkbed that has rails be/c you were to drunk to know what you were doing.
*You think you know everything
*you made the administration at SOHS hate our family.

Here's the rest of what I wanted to say. I'm upset over this computer issue because I have never once messed up and after all your screw-ups you still get everything first. Hmm somehow I just wanted you to admit that I might be better, that I might deserve something first, that i might, Just might be smarter, or perhaps that you might care. But the only good I can do for you is to give you a freaken ride to work because hevan forbid you screwed up and lost your liscense. How do I let you make me feel second choice like nothing I do is right. Screw it Megan. I'm done with trying to get the attention from you. that's really all I wanted from our parents and I never got it, I was the one who was fine on her own. Sometimes I just want to run away. I can picture going off to college and mentioning things about Dad and justin and Noah, but you're still on the same level as Jud and Mom. You're no better then they are, don't dare think you are.

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