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Dear ___,

I've been holding all of my emotions, and thoughts about this situation inside, for so long.
About three months ago, I gave you pretty much all of me to you.
And havent talked to you since.
You promised me you cared about me, Yet you cant talk to me?
I always catch you looking my way, but its the empty hugs, and hallow memories I have to live with. I cant tell you how bad Im hurting right now.
Everything reminds me of you, not to mention everytime I close my eyes, its you I see, I hear you, I smell you... The only thing missing is your touch, that I miss so much. Your kisses that were so meaningful, And the moments that were so passionate. I miss you so much. I cant put it into words.
Your the first person to ever take my fear away, catch me when I fell, And knew what I was going through.
I trusted you.
You broke my heart, Into A million shattered pieces.
I feel as if Im going crazy inside, because I cant keep my focus off of you. It seems impossible.
Everything about you seems as tho it is hopeless.
My friends warned me about you, but I didn't listen, and Im glad I didnt.
I might have been betrayed with a broken heart, fearful, unsteady, and unable to trust, But I can honestly say I love you.
And will continue to feel this way, Until Im finally over it.
No way am I going to try and accommodate my feelings because I "Cant have you" Because I've never worked like that.
I take the word "Love" vigorously, And don't throw it around like everyone else.

I will always Love you no matter what.

P.S Nothing is coincidence.

Love forever,
Megan Marie.
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