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Dear rob,

I havent spoken to you in months..and were supposed to be friends..Just wanted to say, I am really happy for you and jamie. I think its great that after a year of minipulating me and lying to me about how you 'cared' about me, you rush to her side.Im glad after treating me like a sex toy to use at will, you all of a sudden would rather have such a sweet innocent girlfriend to 'hold'. Ive wasted so much of my life on you. After breaking up then going back out, and me thinking "well he might have changed this might be real". Well, it wasnt, and you had a fantastic act, making me believe someone cared about mr for once. But you lied about that, and you lied when you said you never wanted to leave me. I shouldnt care about you..and i shouldnt have to prove to you that im not a whore, because the people that do care about me like mike and corinne, know that im not like that. They know how much shit you said about me while we were going out..they know how you used me. And now I know what a rediculous situation I had pulled myself into.You need to grow up, whether you choose to still talk to me or not. But dont think im upset or not over you. Because I now know how cruel you can be, and i never want you back. Treat jamie like a queen. Dont hurt her, shes one of my friends too. She even admires me for being as strong as i am after what you did to me. Have a wonderful life.
</3 always, Alyssa
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