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And she will.. be loved.. and she will.. be llloooovveeddddd

Please, its my birthday. im 14. i tidied up the whole house, i gave you a cup of tea and you refuse to get up. You made us 40 minutes late. Dont upset me please, not today. Im dressed, Im packed, im ready and im waiting. i did EVERYTHING we had to. i even fucking mended my bag. im smiling. you wont get up on your own daughters birthday and nothing is wrong with that? Im trying to be a good daughter. i promise you. im sorry. but please. France is my realease. i need to be there. im not fucking opening my presents, because i wanna sacrifice that time to get you ready. please mum. stop me from crying. please
From Your 14 year old Daughter as of today,

Youre strong. dont forget that. i still love you.

Whats up with you? Stupid fucking mood swings. Okay, the teachers didnt help. And niethers the fact your mum who doesnt think its important to get up for your birthday. for your fucking release. Just dont cry. Not until we get back at least. please? I know you just want to break down. but you wont. Youre strong. You can do this. Now go and put your mum on guilt trip - hey its your bday! have some fun!
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