Ashley (ashley_is_gay) wrote in _letterstoyou_,

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come back to me.

things would be so much easier if kyle would come back. i wouldn't have to worry about what boy to be with because i'd have him. i wouldn't have that lonely feeling anymore. i wouldn't have to worry about if people are using me for sex because even if he was i wouldn't care because i love him and he has my heart and i've fought and fought and i can't seem to get it back. what does it matter if he really loves me if he would just pretend he does? man. i'm so pathetic. then there's stefan, who i was considering seeing... but he has to be all "mad flirting" with tif. and she doesn't even care that i like him she does it right back. some friend. and she even has a boy she "loves." oh shit now i'm a hypocrite. i just complained about her flirting when she loves someone and i like someone and love someone. but it's different because my love doesn't love me back and hers does. confusing. i need to move on. i just don't wanna let go...
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