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to the boy that stole my heart.

there's so many things i want to say to you. i want to tell you how much i love you. how much i always have. how much i always will. being with you was the best time of my life. i miss the way you held me in your arms. i miss the way you kissed me. i miss the way you told me i was beautiful. you weren't the best at showing how you feel, but i knew you cared about me. it's been nine months and five days since i lost you. i wish we could be together. i would be the best girl you could ever have. i would give up all my dreams for you. i know i deserve better than you. you didn't know how to treat me. marijuana is the center of your life. i don't want to miss you. i want to much to forget you. but when i fell in love with you, i fell in love with a different person than who you really are. you tricked me. you made me believe you were someone that you're not. i just want whoever you were back. i want us to be together. i want us to be in love. maybe i am still in love with you because i won't let myself get out. i need to find a way to solve this. i don't remember a time in my life i was more sad than on that cold night. you were so mean. you were out to ruin me. i was crying my heart out. you couldn't even see how sad i was. you don't have a heart, do you? don't you miss me? even a little? i had this dream that we were together. we were in love (instead of me being in love with you and you not feeling the same). i was the happiest girl alive. i want you to love me. I LOVE YOU... i want to tell you so bad. i just don't know how. don't know when. give me one more chance..... please<3
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