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Hey, What's up? You're on your way to Phoenix right now. I've called Justin's cell phone plenty of times and it hasn't worked, so don't think I didn't want to call you because I did really bad and it SO sucks that I didn't get to tell you that I love you our last phone conversation because I do. Since you feel helpless and you know that we are spending time "apart", I'm worried that you're meeting some guy down there that you instantly click with and that you find attractive and that he seems to get prettier with every swig of alcohol you consume. Because I always make you sad, I think that's one of the reasons you went to Chandler this weekend and if I am the reason then wouldn't that give you 10X more reason to kiss or fuck that sexy looking guy that only gets better by the second? Maybe I'm just overreacting because I know you love me... And I know you feel like I am slipping away from you because of what everyone has said. You're bad for me I know. I'm fifteen and you're nineteen, and on top of it all... WE'RE BOTH GIRLS. I understand that. But I just can't seem to get enough of you. I know you hate that Candace can see me and you can't, and I know she's wanting what she can't have right now (which is me) and I'm sure it makes you feel unsteady that she's right next door to me, but please know that we are strong enough to where I would never go there. I would never go back to Candace. You even told me yourself that you would never talk to me again. I just love you soo, soooo much and I'm so sorry for making you so sad, but we need to keep in touch by phone or letter since I'm not allowed to see you. I love you, just know that, and I can only imagine how good it's going to feel to be in your arms again.

Your Sweetness,
Pamela Ann

I love you
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