it was so simple in the moonlight.. (stupedhumansuit) wrote in _letterstoyou_,
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dear John..

i love you.
i love you, alot.
with all my heart.
i'd do anything for you..

stop asking me if i mean it..
becuase you know i do.

but im not quite so sure that you do..

stuff's been getting a little wierd lately, don't you agree?
can't hardly talk as much as we used to..
what happened..?
i miss that...

i'd fucking die for you..
and i doubt you can say even half of that about me..

you have to know why..
you have to have some vauge idea..
you can't just...i don't know.

how many people have you said this to before..?
i know at least one..
but i don't want to be just some other girl to you..
i want to be special...
i want to be the memorable one..

because i know you're that to me..

hmm..well, i love you...

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