Lyndsay (littlelamynds) wrote in _letterstoyou_,

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Why'd I have to go and fall for you? I was completely content on my own.
....wasn't I???
You came almost out of nowhere and hit me broadside. Like a bus that didn't see the car stopped in the road.
Why do you make my heart explode? Do you think I have plenty of hearts and you can just go around making mine explode all day? You can't, you know. I won't let you. Or will I? I've already let you get this far. My heart could belong to you. But would you want that? There is a part of me, the last glimmer of hope, that says you do. It tells me that when I'm not looking you are looking at me and wondering if I'm feeling the same way. There's a part of me that says I make your heart explode too. But, that part of me is slowly dying. And I know that come Sunday, that glimmer will just be a memory.
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