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<b>Dear 1 19,

I miss you. You haven't talked to me in forever and I don't know why. You used to talk to me and I miss that. I miss that a lot. When I tried to talk to you though, I guess you were irritated with me. I'm annoying because I don't prance around with next to no clothes on and let people take advantage of me. That sounds about right. But I don't want you to be like that. If I looked at you for the first time (that will be a hard memory to rerieve), I'd never guess that you're the way you are. But what was I supposed to expect? That you're not like every other guy on the planet? I miss you. I wish you'd just talk to me. Instead of talking to that little troll you call your friend. Why did you have to go and bitch to everyone that I like you. I've changed. I know you can see that. I know it. I admit, I was a fuckface when we kinda first met. I admit. There. But I'm different now and can't you see that? I want you to see that so bad. I don't get it. I bet you think that she's a lot better than I am. Most guys do. Because it's true. She's prettier, has bigger boobs, and has a nicer butt. She wears short skirts and tight shirts. The only difference there is the skirt thing. I will never wear a skirt. I thought maybe for a couple of seconds, you noticed that I was different from before. I thought maybe you'd talk to me. You have no idea how happy and excited I was. I wanted to see you again. But then, you have to go and piss me off not even 24 hours later. Why did you have to say the things you said? Why? Why? Why does NOTHING work out the way I want it to. I want you to see that I'm not that bad. I want you to notice me. But  I should know you better by now. You like girls who wear no clothes. But if you'd just TALK to me. It would make everything so much better. I wanna go somewhere and see you there. I wanna ignore you so you see how it is. Why do you get your friends to do stupid things to me. WHY? I wish I knew how you smelled. You probably smell like some sort of ivory soap that I would remember for a lifetime. I could imagine. Just wait. One day. I'll be better than her. I'll make you see what you lost. I'll make you see what you could've had when you had the chance. I guess I'm done with you for a while.

Sincerely me. <b:>


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