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To Kevin.

Dearest Kevin,

             This thought has turned over in my head so many times, you know how i feel. I really don't understand why when we're around your friends, you don't even look at me. When we're alone your normal, but your bored of me and i know it, if you don't want to even be my friend anymore whats the use if leading me on? My friends think we're going out, to me it doesn't even feel like your interested. I tell them no and to them its like your going to ask me out at any given moment, as much as i wish it were true, I know it's not.

             I know you don't feel that way and it doesn really matter. I want to hear you tell me the truth, your embarassed to be seen with me. All you do is flirt, but I want to know why! Why would you sit there teeth gritted and even look at me? Trust me i know your supressing your gag reflex. I understand why i don't matter to you. but why do you lead me on? I think about you all the time and the thoughts that I have make me happy, is that what you want? Me to be happy? Well I'm not so tell me the truth.

With all the love I posess...


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