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I told you I would, so I am. Here's a better poem.

I Thought It Mattered

"I stare into your eyes,
I'm mesmerized.
I feel this tingly warmth
Through my insides,
But I begin to cry
As I realize
All the times
That you lied.
I thought I meant more,
But apparently not.
You closed that door.
Nothing matters anymore,
I'm not just a whore!
But you don't care,
It doesn't matter that it's not fair!
You're not here,
And I'm not there.
You told me you loved me
I was so blinded
I actually believed
That I could be good enough for you,
That you were true,
This was new,
But so quickly, it's through.
It no longer matters...
That I love you."

Comment if you like it. Ooor, if you don't. I'd like to know what people think.

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