*~*kell bell*~* (rockonxxo) wrote in _letterstoyou_,
*~*kell bell*~*

What I'm Grateful For

It’s hard to find something to be grateful for
When so much went wrong this year
When I watched so many things fall apart
And so many bonds just disappear

But then I think of your smile
And I get that good feeling inside
And I know I always had at least one person
Who was fighting with me on my side

When I couldn’t throw another punch
You took over my fight
And when I couldn’t see in the shadows
You turned on the light

You were my safe harbor
Even in the worst of storms
And you were my thickest blanket
That always kept me warm

When I had tears running down my face
You wiped each one away
And when I felt my hope wearing thin
You promised me a brighter day

When I felt like I had nothing left
And all I wanted to was die
You picked me up off the ground
And gave me another reason to try

You were always there for me
Even after all that we’ve been through
So, I just thought you should know
Baby, what I’m grateful for… is you

27 November 03
© Me

...happy thanksgiving...

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