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</3 - ///first post\\\

"that's funny," she said. "my heart is broken and i don't even know you. but i know you are much to far away to be able to wipe my tears when i cry".

she then let out a heart felt sigh and dropped the little glass jar that was once filled with happiness. picking up the black ribbon, with the now torn red construction paper hear and tying it around her bloody wrist.

aren't we all left </3>

::::::so how are you feeling today:::::I, I am a little tired, perhaps a little weak, a little sad, a little strung out ::::: but it's on on what you think:::it 's on LIFE::::: it makes me so weary, so tried. as if i am losing all control:::feel strung like an addict today::::just a little longer a little longer and we will all be fine. perhaps not but we are all excellent actors.

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