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dear you,
here we are again, you turning your back away from me for somebody new. i guess the worst part about it this time is that it's not somebody new. it's someone who already broke your heart once. i don't quite understand it, why she can have a second chance, like all the others have, except me. and yet, i'm still the one you come running to with your broken heart and tears flowing freely from those enchanting eyes of yours, glazed over with sadness, and expect me to put you back together each and every time. you've seen my dedication, my loyalty, my ability to be strong for you, and most of all, you've seen my undying love for you despite anything and everything you've put me through, and yet you still discard me until you need me. you're running around these streets, searching every dark corner over and over for the one thing you need so badly.. someone to love who loves you in return.. and someone who's been right there all along.. me. i'm standing here, right in front of you, and i'm yours for the taking. i'd offer you my heart right here and right now but the problem is you already have it and you've always had it. so there it is, my heart, barely alive from the torture you've put it through, but still beating for you. i'm running out of things to give you, to prove myself to you, and all i can give you right now are tears. you've hurt me again. and you'll come running back to me again. used, and then put back on a shelf till the next time. but maybe.. just maybe next time you come back, torn and tattered because of love.. i won't be there.

yea, this doesn't really make sense.. i juss started typing. this is my first post ever on here. so, hi.


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