_used_always (_used_always) wrote in _letterstoyou_,

Dear Dad,

Can I just ask you a couple questions? Good. Do you enjoy making your family feel like shit all the time? Do you enjoy watching your children cry infront of you because you call them what? Mo-tards?! Do you enjoy making my mom feel like shit everyday because of something just does wrong in your eyes? I guess i seperate myself from you ask much as possible so when i am around you i just tune you out, but i dont understand how my sis and mother can deal with you everyweekend in Maine for the weekend, i know everytime i go up there i have to stay out of the campsite or i go insane and end up calling one of my friends and bitching them out, because of how unhappy i am there, I can't WAIT till the day i can walk out of your life for good...

-Your daughter
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