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dear you,

I went to post this on bolt but bolt is still down

I just want to thank you. I don't know how many times you've been there and some how managed to turn my mood from one of absolute hatred to one where I'm smiling and happy. I'm not sure why you do it but I'm thankful. Thankful for all the chances to be a friend and for having you around. At one point I would have been set on making you ask me out or define our relationship but I've come to realize that what we have now is perfect in away. It fits us well and yet is always able to change. There's something soothing about hearing another person's heart beat or breathing. Somethng that immediately takes the pain away. And you did this. You may not have known why or how. But you know me so much better then anyone else whether you think you do or not.

You're not chris and that one time at the movies with chris made it show so much. Sure we have our moments and sometimes it may seem easier to walk away but don't. I meant what I said and what you will learn I said when you open your gift. Sometimes you just need a friend. But after all the times of you feeling like you didn't really know me I feel like I don't neccessarily knwo you. I mean I know I do but I feel like you can read my mind most of the time and I can't really read yours. I don't know this is starting to not make sense but still thank you.

And you can still have your birthday demand instead of a birthday
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