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Dear Sean,

       FUCK YOU first off. Fuck you for making me feel the way you do. Fuck you for calling for my help and advice and not listening. I dont even want to see you again. I tried so hard and so many times to help you. But you are beyond help, I feel guilty for saying all this. Because you have yaught me how to feel guity and you are the MASTER of guilt trips. I cant deal with your problems anymore and I cant deal with you. So call me again when you figure out your life. Because you cant keep doing this to me. I cant keep feeling this way because of these issues that keep being brought up. I remember talking to you for hours and giving you so much advice puring out my heart and really trying to help you. You did lisen for a week. Then reverted back to the way you were....So sean. Im tired of the mind games and Im tired of you. I wanna help but it's taking its toll on me


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