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dear you,
 for the past 2 1/2 years, i have loved you more than anything in the world. i have done everything for you. we have so much fun together whether it be physical or not. and i kno deep down you really do care about me and you do love me. but there is a reason why i'm not with you right now. i kno you think it's because of my parents but it's not. its because of you. what you did with her has hurt me in more ways than one. and i kno that we weren't together and you say you were drunk but that's not always an excuse. what if i did something like that. if i told you 'i was drunk' you wouldnt except that at all and it would be done. and now you want me back. you say you've realized how much you love me and you dont want to be with anyone but me. and i feel the same way but how do i trust you. how do i kno ur not gonna get sick of me after a while and then just leave. and u keep saying that i was the one who ended it and we could have been together. i ended it cause i was mad at you, not because i stopped loving you. but the thing that hurts the most, you never came after me until now. on the phone this morning you told me you thought i was over you and that i didnt want you to be part of my life. you said i dont call you as much and i dont try to see you. you have to kno that i'm always going to love you no matter what. i think i just needed this time to realize i can stand on my own. that i dont need a guy in my life to be happy. when we were together i gave up all my friends and my life just to be with you. now i feel if we do go out, we'll do it the right way this time. i'm just nervous that you're gonna take advantage of the fact that i still love you and use it to keep me all to urself. you're my best friend and that will never change. i just need time to trust you again and make sure that this time your intentions are right. i love you!

                    always, me

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