this isnt suppose to be happening (__letsgo) wrote in _letterstoyou_,
this isnt suppose to be happening

tomorrow will be one week. one week of me breaking up with you. one week that i lived with regret and no regret at the same time. on monday i was so happy that i broke up with you, you needed to know that you smoking weed bothers me. tuesday and every day since then has brought me down further than the day before. i never knew a guy could mean this much to me. i never knew i was gonna love someone at the age of 16.
i hated every time i saw you and you just looked away. i hated every time i wanted to run up and hold your hand or hug you. i cant do that now. i just wanna hang out with you and watch a movie. i want to paint your nails again. i want to make out with you. but now i know none of that will probley ever happen.
it bothers me that you probley wont ever change although you say i mean a lot to you, i guess i dont mean that much to you since your not willing to take that chance.
i want to go back out with you so bad but at the same time i want to hate you. i just wish you knew how i felt right now.


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