this isnt suppose to be happening (__letsgo) wrote in _letterstoyou_,
this isnt suppose to be happening

ever since i broke up with you last monday everything has been weird. yeah i broke up with you and i made you cry. but still to me it doesnt even seem like you care that i care about you.
yeah on friday you still left lunch to get fucking high. If you forgot THATS THE FUCKIN REASON WHY I BROKE UP WITH YOU. you are such a dumbass kevin i fuckin love you so much and you dont even fucking care.
yeah on tuesday when you came over and we got everything straightened out we said we would go back out once we got everything worked out. im pretty fucking sure you blew your chance at that one.
i hate it so much. when im not with you i always think about the good times we had together, like south haven fireworks, latenight phone calls, that one night till you stayed till 3 in the morning and all the times you came over just to hang out and not do anything in particular. but when im with you, you smell like smoke and dont even fucking look at me now. i hate it. i wish you showed that you cared about me.
its so crazy, i never thought i was going to break up with you but i did. the funny thing is that i told you if i ever broke up with you it would be because you smoke weed. and thats exactly why i broke up with you.
i want to hate you so bad right now but i cant.


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