Nature and the Wreck (sweetpeagirlie) wrote in _letterstoyou_,
Nature and the Wreck

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To my boyfriend,

It's amazing to me that we've lasted this long, considering how different we really are. And for the past few weeks, those differences have really gotten to me.
I'm afraid.
- the girl who loves you.

To my best out-of-state friend,

I'm sorry that I accused you of doing that. I hate that we haven't spoken for so long because of it. I wish I could put aside my damn pride and fears to actually talk to you about it.
-the ever-guilty me.

To Carl,

Break a leg at your audition today! You'll do great, I know it!
-your fellow thespian

To myself,

Stop writing letters and start studying for your finals. Stop procrastinating. Now.
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