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I am calling

I'm new here, so don't laugh at my poor poetry. This one is called I am calling.

I am calling

Look out the window to no where
See the eternal ghastly abyss
Close your eyes to the devastation at your feet
The barracks are calling my name…

I will cry tears of crimson
I will scream soundless words
I will claw my way to the untouched
The world that remains behind dark glass

Stones of eradication are cast your way
Shots are heard from every corner of the world
Do you not see the corpses of your brothers strewn around?
Are you blind to the personage calling your name?

I will work in hope of your coming
I will dream of the day you call my name
I will spread the words of this outrageous nightmare
To the world behind dark glass

I am dying slowly…
Can you hear my mournful cries?
Do you notice the life as it disappears from my body?
Why haven’t you answered my call?

I’m praying, hoping, wishing you’ll save me
But you’re watching with a smirk on your face
Though others pointed the guns, you’ve killed me
And the million others pleading your name
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