This girl. (angelpunkrocker) wrote in _letterstoyou_,
This girl.

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You know that feeling you get, way in your stomache, when you did something wrong and you're trying not to worry about it but the more you try, the more you wind up thinking about it, and you're so fucking scared that you messed everything up, but you know you can be a bitch sometimes and you really didn't mean it and you understand everything he feels, but you can't convey that properly so you look and feel like shit?

Yeah umm yeah I'm totally not feeling like that.

Dear me,
Stop screwing up when you have a wonderful thing. Yesterday was supposed to be so special - it was his birthday party, and his graduation party, and it should have been perfect for him. So why did you ask him to go there, why did you kiss him and get him in trouble, and make him worry and wish he was out with his friend's instead? ....... Yeah, don't do that.
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