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Dear Cory,

     Why must you treat me like shit? I try and do everything I can and get nothing in return! I keep you safe and I try to keep you happy! But you continously knock me off my feet and do something to harm me! I don't like this feeling I'm going to come out and show the world just who you are! If you keep holding back from who you really are you will only hurt me and yourself! You don't need half the shit you do to survive! wake up and realize that a lot of ppl care about you including me! Though the people that you care for a lot if not more than your parents maybe be mad at you, YOU STILL HAVE SOMETHING TO LIVE FOR! Maybe you just need to let go and tell them how you really feel! HOPEFULLY this will all blow over by camp! SO I DON'T HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE PAIN! YOU HURT ME IN EVERY SINGLE WAY!

                                                            love always,


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