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God - or something along those lines,

I have a lot of questions that have been clouding my mind for a while now. I suppose that I would get them out in a letter to you.

If you are in existance, why are you sitting back and letting the human population run the Earth into the ground? We think that we're so evolved, when we really aren't as advanced as we may think. Sure, we have a strong forebrain, which enables us to think more clearly and properly than other animals. Sure, we have a different throat structure, which enables us to speak the way we do. Sure, we have an aposable thumb, which enables us to have a better hold on things. The way I see it, we've involved from primates over time. Mutations in our DNA simply made us differently. For example, perhaps we had a mutation in our hips which forced us to stand upright. Then, more primates with this mutation bred and each generation was more likely to have this mutation until finally, look at us. We're a new species. I don't think that we're any smarter than any other species, but maybe even less intelligent.
But why have you been letting all of those that belong to this species believe that they are supreme among all the others? Why are you letting them take something beautiful and destroy it? Just because we can do something, doesn't mean that we should. Morally, a lot of things in this world are wrong, so why are you standing to the side letting it continue to go wrong? Pollution and murders, why is any of this in existance?
Do you feel that we need to prove to ourselves that we are superior to others by getting out of our own messes? I don't think that will work, because so many people think they're doing right. And others know they're doing wrong but continue to do wrongly anyway. Maybe you feel that if you stand back and let us make our mistakes, we'll eventually correct them ourselves. I've heard somewhere that subconciously, we all know what's right, and if we're doing something wrong we'll eventually realize and correct it. I suppose this could be true.
Like during the Great Depression - you could have done something to stop it. But you let us keep going and do it by ourselves. Then, Franklin Roosevelt came into office and helped us get back onto our feet again. Or, perhaps he was meant to win the election, because you realized we needed help.
It's all so confusing, I never know what to think.

Another question. Why am I in existance? What is my purpose here, in life? What am I destined to do? Maybe if I knew, or had at least an inkling, I could do something right and set myself in the correct direction. Maybe I could fix things.
But, like I was debating before, maybe I haven't gotten any signs because, subconciously, I already know. If that is the case, could you perhaps jolt my subconcious? I don't communicate with it hardly ever, and I'd like to. I'd like to dream. Could you do this for me? Maybe?

Maybe I'm asking too much of you. Do you think that could possibly be it? Maybe I should sit back and see where life takes me. Or maybe then I'll miss something else. I have no idea what I believe in right now, and it's fogging my head profusely. I need some clearity, I really do. But, again, maybe I should just wait and see if it is meant to come to me.

But what if that's not what I'm supposed to do?

God, you're very confusing. I don't know if I like you much right now. I'm also sorry that I've lost a bit of faith lately. Things have been... Odd. I'm sorry that I've stopped praying. Really, you're in my heart, there will always be a place for you. So, when I'm staggering, remember you're there, even though I may not show it.

I'm sorry, and thank you.

Confused, sorry, but don't forget faithful,
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