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We go out into the world and take our chances...


If you don't like me, or "have never liked anyone", then plese stop flirting with me. It really does hurt me a lot.

You recently asked me to go with you once your current girlfriend moves away. Your reasoning is that you thought, since I liked you, we could go together and it would all be grand. I said no, and that it would be pointless if you held no feelings for me. You said okay. I then asked something along the lines of: "So, is that establishing that you don't like me, and that if we were to go together it would be out of sympathy to me? I don't know, because while you've never said you do like me, you've never said that you don't." You responded with a "No." And that you didn't know what to do, since you've never actually liked anyone. What were you saying 'no' to? No, you would not be dating me out of sympathy? No, you do not like me? I never got a chance to ask you, because you said, "Let's play change the subject."

Well, what am I supposed to do now? Only hours before you said these words to me, you held me in your lap, giggled with me, and tickled me. You carried me upside down and put your hat on me and lifted me onto your back to give me a piggy-back ride that I didn't ask for. You grabbed me by the hand and ran under trees through fields of clover with me, laughing the whole time. Swung me around and looked into my eyes. I didn't ask for any of this. You just brought it upon me. I layed on you, and you stroked my hair and looked down on me with those blue, blue eyes. Then you asked me to go with you, but your reasons made no sense in my mind.

What do you think I should do now? I don't know.

Waiting for you to make sense,
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