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dear you,
you have no idea how much i hate you. you took everything from me in one night. you*re in my nightmares. you make me sick. i hate you. i hate what you did to me. i hate that you raped me. i hate that i*ll never get over it. i can*t look at you. you took my innocence, you took my heart, you took my smile, you took my happiness. i hate that though a few people know, i can*t talk to them about this. i hate that instead of saying all this to your face, i*m writing a letter you*ll never see. i hate that i cry over what you did. i hate that i*m so incredibly weak. i hate the sleepless nights i have. i can*t stand the way i feel like breaking down every time i hear someone talking about anything relating to what you did to me. i want and need to get over this. but i*ll never forget you. i*ll never forget my hatred for you. ever.

insincerely yours,
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