leilani ♥ marie (_macktheknife_) wrote in _letterstoyou_,
leilani ♥ marie

to the girl who doesn't think she is beautiful...


you are beautiful. you are one of the only females i like these days. you're caring, considerate. you have a pretty face and a pure heart. i love you. you are one of my best friends these days. i know you would never hurt me, or anyone for that matter. you are beautiful. amazing. enthralling. you're complex, and yet so simple. your story is as common as the leaves on the ground are during fall. a beautiful girl, with a broken family, a broken heart, who had been molested and whose spirit was killed long before it had time to develop. but i love you. i don't know if you know this, but every time i see you, it makes my day. and when i hear "swing life away" i smile because i remember all those times you would recite and sing and hum that song. you are one of my closest friends. i don't have to tell you everything, and you already know what i'm thinking. you can identify. empathize. i love you for that. you are always there for me when my sixteenth year turns shitty. i love you. i want to be here for you any time. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. ♥
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