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dear old friend,

what happened to u? we used to be so close. u used to be my friend. what happened? over the years we got closer to the point of best friends. but these past 2 years i could see u changing, and u finally did. and trust me this is not for the best, its for the worst. u started to break away, hanging out with me less and less. it got to the point where i would say hi to u or come up to talk to u and u would just ignore me and walk away. and it really hurts. and your not just hurting me, but others u were close to, too. u were such good friends j***** and now your spreading rumors about her and turning people against her. do u have any idea how many people want to jump u right now? a lot. they all hate u for what you've become and what you've done to others who cared for u. and im sorry but i have to say this, YOU HAVE BECOME A SLUT. i wish u could just return to who u were so we can all be friends again.

your friend who misses u
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